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Ching Mo Wing Chun Grading Syllabus – Red Level

Red Level 1
Open / Close Stance
Punching in set 1/2/3/4/5
Forward stepping stance drill
Defences against a wrist grab demonstrate 4 ways
Punches to each other’s centreline (with feeling) also Bil Sau
Defend against a neck grab front and behind
Front Kick from basic stance
Siu Lim Tao part 1

Red Level 2
Siu Lim Tao parts 1 & 2
Tan Sau Application
Pak Sau punch drill
Double Jut Sau
Defend against a rear bear hug
Lap Sau exercise
Dan Chi Sau
Wall Bag – front punches
Moving punching forward / Bil Sau backwards

Red Level 3
Sil Lim Tao Complete
Turning stance practice
Turning Bong Sau against a straight punch and follow through
Jum Sau against application
Pak Sau drill defending round punches with Bil Sau, low with Garn Sau (2 man drill)
Counter punch with a turn, Jut Sau Strike, and then Bil Tze & Lap Sau
Counter punch with a turning punch
Dan Chi Sau with changes
Lap Sau Drill with changes

Red Level 4
Sil Lim Tao on single leg
Dan Chi Sau with changes free moving application
Lap Sau Drill with turns and changes
From Guard – Pak Sau counter Pak Sau and Punch
Defend Pak Sau 4 different ways:
1 – Energy on Bil Sau, 2 – Turn (inside Pak Sau), 3 – Turn outside, 4 – Bil Tze change
Counter punch with Bong Lap then follow through
Counter punch with Jum Sau to punch and follow through
Pak Sau Punch Bong Lap drill
Poon Sau 4 ways both sides including 1 – Bong Sau & Tan Sau 2 – Double Fook Sau
Application of techniques freely with control

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