To achieve this level you must have completed fully all instructor levels opened your own school and also completed the following provisions to grade your own students and achieved student to instructor level who are also teaching for the Ching Mo Family schools

Provision to Grade Your Own Students


Instructors wishing to grade their own students must submit the following numbers of students to be graded. They must also attend grading days and submit their own written assessments of the grading students to be reviewed.


Siu Lim Tao

To grade students between Red levels 1 to 4 you must submit 8 students per level to be graded by either your Sifu, another qualified Sifu or Master Billy. These students will be assessed to check that they have acquired the recognised level. If the grading Sifu is satisfied with their performance and the quality of your own written assessments then you will be allowed to grade to that level.


Chum Kiu

To grade students between Green levels 1 to 4 you must submit 5 students per level to be graded as per Siu Lim Tao level.


Biu Tze and The Wooden Dummy

To grade students between Brown levels 1 to 4 you must submit 4 students per level.


Black Level, Weapons Plus

To grade students between Black levels 1 to 4 you must submit 2 students per level.


Long Distance Assessment

If an Instructors teaching is based a great distance from the assessing Sifu, I.E. It is not reasonable to expect the students to travel this distance to be graded, then they will be able to send video footage of the gradings along with the written assessments to the Grading Sifu instead.


Grading Payment

Please note that in all cases the fees for grading students are payable to the assessing Sifu.