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Ching Mo Wing Chun Grading Syllabus – Instructor Level


Green Level 1 (Completion of Siu Lim Tao Grading)


Assistant Instructor

Brown Level 1 (completion of Chum Kiu Grading)

Assistant instructor assessment


Instructor 1

Completion of Brown Level 4 Grading.

Complete Siu Lim Tao Level

Complete Chum Kiu Level

Complete Bil Tze Level

Completed Mentor and Assistant instructor training programs

6 lesson teaching program

Health and Safety Evaluation and assessment

Personal Portfolio


Instructor 2

Completion of Black Level 2 Grading

Mok Jong Fa

Wing Chun 4th Form

All training Drills (under teaching conditions)

All Section shown in Chi Sau applications (under teaching conditions)

6 lesson teaching program on selected areas of dummy

Certificate of teaching Dummy Level (completed)

Personal Portfolio updated


Instructor 3

Completion of Black Level 3 Grading

Lok Dim Boon Kwan

Lok Dim Boon Drills 1,Chi Quan, Defend /counter and counter strike.

Strength training drills

  1. Up & down double hand grab (40)
  2. Forward punching drill (40)
  3. Tan & Nail drill with stance (40)

Pole Drills applied in Open hand applications (i.e) Punch drills etc.

Pole drills applied in Chi Sau

Personal Portfolio updated


Sifu I Instructor 4

Completion of Black Level 4 Grading

Baat Cham Dao

Baat Cham Dao warm up drills

Baat Cham Dao against weapons (selected sections)

Baat Cham Dao applied in Chi Sau applications

Baat Cham Dao open handed applications

Certificate for Wing Chun Weapons teaching (completed)

Explanation of selected techniques from any level

Written work History and Family Tree (paper 3000 words)

Theory (paper 1500)

Class room teaching under supervision and assessment with full instructor training program progression

Personal Portfolio updated

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