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Ching Mo Wing Chun Grading Syllabus – Green Level

Green Level 1 / Mentor

Chum Kiu part 1

Tan to control opposite punch Pak/Gum single hand drill (start in Dan Chi Sau position)

Pak Gum to straight punch drill

Tok Sau/ Pak/ Gum Sau to punch follow with technique

Counter pressure on Bong Sau with Lap Sau & step back

Pak Sau Punch Bong Lap drill with changes

Triangular Stepping with punch and Biu Sau

Chi Sau applying Pak Gum application


Green Level 2

Chum Kiu part 1 & 2

Defend attack from side, turning Bong Sau & Lap Sau then follow through

Chi Sau with changes and controlling

Defend punch with 45 degree Bong Sau, Lap Sau & Chop (Chum Kiu Movement)

Wall Bag kick to groin area 2 sets 10 each leg

Counter Lap Sau (& punch) with Lan Sau & low palm & Kick

Faan Sau training drill without Garn Sau / Po pie Section

Basic Side kick

Walking square


Green Level 3

Chum Kiu complete

Chi Sau applying 4 trapping basic techniques while sticking

Double Pak Sau training drills inside/outside

Defend low level punch with low Bong Sau & Lap Sau & Chop

Faan Sau training drill with changes including Garn I Po Pie section

Defend against pull to Bong Sau – step in low Bong Sau and strike

Front kick & side kick combination 2 sets of 10 each leg

90’ kick to opponent then punches


Green Level 4

Complete Siu Lim Tao

Complete Chum Kiu

Chi Sau with techniques one side using controlling techniques only

Double Lap Sau with mid Bong Sau / high Biu Sau against a turning punch

Pak Sau against front kick then punch

Selected techniques from Siu Lim Tao (to instructors command)

Entry techniques:

  1. Lap Sau
  2. Double Pak Sau outside
  3. Double Pak Sau inside
  4. Bil Sau & kick
  5. Pak Sau and Fak Sau (2 ways)

One against one full contact

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