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Ching Mo Wing Chun Grading Syllabus – Black Level

Black Level 1

Mok Jong Fa complete (dummy form) 


Drills from sections (section and drill number called out)

Wooden Dummy Drills sheet

Chi Sau applying Mok Jong Fa (dummy techniques)

Open hand techniques using Mok Jong Fa also apply kicks (student will tell partner how to attack)

Wing Chun 4th Form 2nd section


Black Level 2

Complete Siu Lim Tao

Complete Chum Kiu

Complete Bil Tze

Mok Jong Fa complete (dummy form)

Wing Chun 4th Form Complete

Chi Sau with techniques blindfolded

Basic warm up drills from the Pole and Knives forms

Selected techniques from Red, Green & Brown levels


Black Level 3

Lok Dim Boon Kwan (6.1/2 point long pole techniques)

Lok Dim Boon Drills 1, Chi Quan, Defend/counter and counter strike

Strength training drills

  1. Up & down double hand grab (40)
  2. Forward punching drill (40)
  3. Tan & Nail drill with stance (40)

Selected Training Drills (section of form)


Black Level 4

Baat Cham Dao (8 cutting broadsword techniques)

Baat Cham Dao Warm up drills (all sections)

Baat Cham Dao against weapons (all sections)

Baat Cham Dao open handed applications

Baat Cham Dao applied in Chi Sau applications