Monthly Training Tip September

This month our training tip will focus on the correct use of the Biu Ma or forward stance as it is more commonly known, this is the first stance we learn after understanding the “Yat Chi Kim Young Ma” or basic Siu Lim Tao Ma. When moving with the Biu […]

Monthly Training Tip July 2

The most common question from students is, “What is the best thing to practise at home!”. Before responding, it is important for the student to consider several factors, such as ‘what do I want to achieve through my training? Secondly, do I have a specific goal or aim? Thirdly, what […]

Monthly Training Tip April

The most common error in training Wing Chun is to under estimate the value of the basic positions, for example the basic stance, very seldom trained to fully develop good structure and power. You have to understand the movements as you go into each part of the structure for instance […]