The most common question from students is, “What is the best thing to practise at home!”.

Before responding, it is important for the student to consider several factors, such as ‘what do I want to achieve through my training? Secondly, do I have a specific goal or aim? Thirdly, what do I think are my own weaknesses and why?

For all students regardless of their level, it is important to go back to the starting point and assess the root foundation of their training and consider the following; Is my stance correct?. Is my basic punching structure correct? Am I stepping in the correct manner, is the weight distribution in my legs correct, are my feet the correct distance?

These are all factors that instructors look out for in students during the class. However if you are still unsure that your basics are correct, then you can always speak to one of the instructors and remember to make a note of any advice that you are given at the end of the class.

After this ask yourself, what is it that I want to achieve through my training? If it’s simply to refine your basics then just keep assessing the basics as noted above. For students that want to train a specific technique or application - discuss this with your instructor who can give advice on what to train and more importantly how to train it.

Consider booking a private lesson with your instructor so you can go over what it is you require and together you can devise a workout programme for training at home. Revisit this with your instructor to see your progress or discuss any problems or areas that you are struggling with.

The most important thing though is quite simple, just train. Any additional training that you can do is better than doing nothing at all!

Monthly Training Tip July

2 thoughts on “Monthly Training Tip July

  • July 13, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Hi Sifu

    Thanks for advise.

    I will make a point by asking you questions after every session to see what I need to work on, making notes from your advise.

    Kind Regards Ian

    • July 14, 2014 at 1:51 pm

      Hi Ian
      I’m always available to give out some helpful tips if I can, and I hope everyone takes this opportunity to ask questions.

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