Red grade level gives the basic understanding of Siu Lim Tao (first form or Little Idea Form), we give a breakdown of the form into bite size pieces for the student to gain a good understanding of the techniques and the applications for each section of the form.

Red 1 level.

This is the first section of this form which develops stance, elbow energy  and understanding of the Centerline, along with some basic self-defence methods.

Red 2 level.

This is the second section which teaches how to release the energy at short range, and flows through the inter changeable movements using such hand positions as Jum Sau, Lan Sau, Jut Sau etc.

Red 3 Level.

This is the complete form, which allows the free flowing movement of techniques, single hand and double handed drills to develop the sensitivity and focus.

Red 4 Level.

This level is a combination of all the sections which includes mobility and light semi contact sparring, and is preparing the student for training within the Green level.
Many people misunderstand the emphasis on this form, it gives you a solid foundation and the ability to train on your own. Each section of this form teaches a specific understanding of the fundamentals that make this fighting method so unique and powerful.
Without this first form to develop your stance (Ma), Power (Gung), correct understanding of your centerline (Chung Sin). The rest of the system would not work.
Please look at this video of Grandmaster Ip Ching performing Siu Lim Tao to see the elegance and power.