The basic understanding of Chum Kiu (Second Form or seeking the bridge Form); we give a breakdown as with Siu Lim Tao or Red Level Grades of the form into bit size pieces for the student to gain a good understanding of the techniques the applications for each section of the form.

Green 1 level

This is the first section of this forms which develops turning stance, moving elbow energy understanding of the changing centreline, and induces the concept of waist energy (Yiu Ma)along with some basic form to open hand applications and methods.

Green 2 level

This is the second section which teaches how to cover two angles and release the energy that is trained with the Yiu Ma covering a ninety degree angle, and flows through the inter changeable movements such as Bong Sau and Lan Sau and double crossed Tan Sau while introducing the first Wing Chun / Ving Tsun basic kick.

Green3 Level

This is the complete form, which allows the free flowing movement of techniques, Double handed drills to develop the sensitivity and focus and the ability to change from a mid-level or high level attack to defend the mid to low level with the adapted technique of low Bong Sau.

Green 4 Level

This level is a combination of all the sections which includes mobility, returning to sections of the Siu Lim Tao form, kicking drills and full contact contact sparring, and is preparing the student for training within the Brown level.
As a student develops within the Wing Chun / Ving Tsun system the ability to control and manipulate a situation becomes the main skill set. Many people misunderstand the emphasis on this form and consider it just turning, however it give you a solid foundation and the ability to train your angles, direction of attack, and to understand the ability to track your opponent with hands and kicks.
With each section of this form a specific understanding of the fundamental principles of changing the centerline that make this the form a totally mobile fighter needs to apply.
Without the development of the first form you would not be able to understand the use and co-ordination required in the turning stance (Yiu Ma), and the generation of power combining the use of arms hips and waist, while correct understanding of your Centreline (Chung Sin) is fundamental you also have to know how and when to change it.


Please look at this video of grandmaster Ip Ching performing Chum Kiu form to see the movement and power.